Duties Of Landlords

Among the burdens of the concept of a lease, find a part of vital importance to achieve the same be done with complete clarity, we are talking about at this time to the duties to be fulfilled before the landlord to that contract law is legal and can be performed in its entirety. The duties of the lessor as stated are a crucial part when making a lease, since they ratified by the lessor some minimum parameters that it must meet before and during the contract is in force, then why mention some of the most important duties of the lessor, in order that prospective tenants know some things that the landlord must comply with by law. The landlord must comply with the entire contract. The landlord is obliged to deliver the movable or immovable property in the state, which the same specified in the contract previously signed. The landlord must provide the necessary infrastructural damage owns the property, that the lessee can lead a daily life as normal. The landlord must maintain in good order the property to the lessee to benefit from it without any difficulty.

The landlord must prove legally that the movable or immovable property is free of debts of any kind. The landlord must make the necessary improvements to the well, in order that it can be used properly without any mishap. In case of housing, the landlord must fully respect the privacy of the tenant. The tenant is on the right to ask all the keys and elements that may provide access to property and the landlord is obliged to comply with that request. The landlord is obliged to inform the tenant with a time via written prior to the termination date of the contract or the date of renewal. The landlord if you have any kind of modification to the immovable must ask permission to tenant, since signing the contract, the tenant would become the interim owner of that property. The landlord is obliged to give the tenant a receipt certifying that the same, if I cancel the prompt and timely financial sum agreed in the contract. While many other duties to which the landlord must be upheld, the above these are just some of the basics to consider when making a lease. It is very important to recommend that before signing any contract, it is good to read it carefully, since in this way means by which we defend ourselves legally if the landlord fails to comply with some requirements that were previously mentioned .