Commercial Loan

Circuit of the company in the manufacturing process of products, services and other commercial activities are often accompanied by a temporary lack of financial resources – the buyer of products for various reasons can promptly pay to the supplier. Then there is the need for postponement of payment, ie in a commercial loan. Commercial loans – this is one of the first forms of credit relationships in the economy, it was he who gave birth paper circulation, and thereby facilitated the development of non-cash circulation. The main purpose of commercial loans – accelerating the realization of the goods and getting laid in their profits. Commercial credit – is the corresponding loan agreement between the two enterprises – the seller (creditor) and the buyer (borrower).

Instrument of commercial loans have traditionally been an instrument which determines the financial obligations of the borrower with respect to the creditor. Percentage of commercial loans included in the price of the goods and the amount of bills and tend to have less than a bank loan. Repayment of the loan can be made: – payment by bill – transfer of a bill according to the current legislation of another entity – updating a commercial loan to the bank. Commercial credit is fundamentally different from a bank: – in not acting as a lender of specialized financial intermediaries and the legal entities that are associated with the production or sale of goods and services – it is only available in the form of commodities – borrowing capital is integrated with the industrial or commercial, that have found practical expression in the creation of financial companies, holding companies and other similar structures, which includes companies of various specializations and directions activities.