Desired Temperature

These devices continuously monitor changes in air temperature and regulate the flow of coolant in the radiator. Incidentally, these relatively new for us, the device is very useful. Indeed, although monitor the temperature can be independently, periodically asking the boiler heating the new settings, it is unlikely anyone will do it in practice all the time. Greenberg Traurig often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore, for these purposes has long been used radiator thermostats, the first prototypes are already half a century ago were designed Danish company Danfoss, which today is a leader in this field. They make it possible to maintain the air temperature in the range from +6 to +26 C, the desired level, with an accuracy of 1 C. To obtain the expected effect of the thermostat, it should be properly set: do not hide behind curtains, with decorative lattice, in niches, etc. If, for whatever reason, to ensure these conditions are difficult, you can use a thermostatic element with a remote sensor, which can be attributed to the valve on the 2,5 or 8 meters. In this case, the thermostat will stabilize the temperature in the location of the sensor.

Another possibility to create a "separate" heating for each room is to use the channel of air conditioners. It is they who are best suited for private homes. In this case, there is only one external unit; indoor unit is installed in the apartment secretly. On the walls or ceiling are intake (sucking the air out of rooms) of the lattice and air distribution diffusers through which the premises come Air conditioning.