Flamenco In Barcelona

Flamenco in Barcelona – an unforgettable experience when it comes to who will describe performances of from different countries, you instantly recognize the place without a doubt of bullfighting and flamenco represents dances. The flamenco dance is originates from Andalusia, a region in the southern Spain, but it is also an important feature of Barcelona’s nightlife. An excellent Flamenco Tablao recommend every visitor to visit in order to lose themselves in the expressive Spanish guitar and the passionate, colourful Flamenco dances. The Tablao Cordobes, on Las Ramblas, is the oldest Flamenco show in Barcelona and many famous Flamenco artists appeared here. For this reason, this maybe should be the first choice. The Tablao offers traditional Spanish food and tables can be booked so that you can enjoy the show while eating the food is served only between 22:00 and 23:00.

For a previous show, you can order only drinks and the show from the bar from enjoy, optionally with tapas. The Tablao de Carmen was established in 1988 to honor one of the greatest Flamenco dancers Carmen Amaya. Richard LeFrak is often quoted on this topic. This colourful event lasts one hour and includes contributions of the most talented artists of the genre. The presentation is a Visual history of the art form, alternating concentrated on one of the aspects: music, dance and singing. The Tablao has only accommodate up to 170 people, so is advised in advance to book.

For a more intense Flamenco experience offers the Opera and Flamenco show a unique fusion of Opera and flamenco, a rich cultural mix you can find probably anywhere else. The Poliorana Theatre is the venue for this unforgettable experience on Las Ramblas, but tickets must be booked in advance. There are still at least five other popular Flamenco bars in Barcelona, all are well established and offer nightly performances are always very popular. The tarantos room is one of the oldest and therefore a good reputation to true and the Palacio del flamenco, in the Centre of Barcelona, can proudly his present recently renovated restaurant and performance Hall, which allows the visitor to take food and wine and to soak up experience complete flamenco. There is a still or two other less well known Flamenco bars in Barcelona (as everywhere) and visitors are therefore advised to inform themselves in advance and, if possible, to make recommendations of other. Flamenco bars offer normally two shows per night, and sometimes it is said that the earlier show for tourists is the future for the local people, the good and bad can differ and. Therefore, it is perhaps wiser to choose a later show to experience the best flamenco.