Gulf Stream

In large cities of the German real estate is more expensive than in smaller cities, near large cities is more expensive than in the outback. The distance of a few 10 km. is close to the city. Apartment in the city with the school will also be more expensive due to the needs of students in the lease. New buildings constructed no more than 9 years ago, more expensive 20-30-year-olds. Apartments in low-rise houses (no more than 3 floors) have a price higher than the high-rise. Germans prefer live in apartment and tenement houses, as has the significance of the appearance of the house. People buy apartments in Germany for two reasons.

Firstly, for their own use. Apartment in Germany, as a house, do not give foreigners the right of permanent residence in Germany, but the presence of German property in the property entitles you to a Schengen visa without an invitation. Stay in Germany can be no more than 90 days a year. This option is particularly suited for people who have frequent business travelers to Germany and other Schengen countries, or want to relax in the summer in the North Sea or the mountains. In Germany, many resorts. Despite its severe name, the North Sea, due to warm Gulf Stream off the coast of Germany is not a cold, rest here wealthy Germans. Recreation in the North Sea in summer is much more expensive than a vacation in . To obtain a residence permit in Germany, to open in Germany own business.