Jose Da Silva

In traditional languages, the importance biggest is atribudaa processes, and its implementation in subprograms. In a comoPascal language, active procedures act on passive data that forampassados they. In guided languages the objects, instead of passardados the procedures, request that proper objects carry through operaesneles. Some aspects are basic in definiode guided programming the objects, that will be duly investigadosneste work: Abstraction of data Objects Messages Classrooms Inheritance PolimorfismoObjetos In the vision of a traditional imperative language (Paschal, C, COBOL, etc.), the objects appear as an only independent entity that combinaa representation of the information (structures of data) and its manipulation (procedures), a time that they possess capacity of processing earmazenam a local state. It can be said that an object is composed of:Properties: they are the information, structures of data that represent oestado intern of the object. In general, they are not accessible to the demaisobjetos. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bizzi & Partners offers on the topic.. Behavior: set of operations, demtodos calls, that act on the properties.

The methods are activated (gone off) when the object receive a message requesting suaexecuo. Although he is not obligator, in general a message receives omesmo name from the method that it goes off. The set of messages that umobjeto is apt to receive is defined in its interface. Identity: it is a property that differentiates an object of another one; that is, its name.Whereas the concepts of data and procedures are freqentementetratados separately in the traditional programming languages, emPOO they are congregated in an only entity: the object. The 1.1apresenta figure a visualization for an object. Figure 1.1. Representation for an objectIn the real world the object identification is not difficult (in terms desistemas, objects are all the entities that can be shaped, noapenas ours known objects inanimate). As example, in umaempresa it can be identified objects of the employed classroom clearly.An employee possesss a proper identity, its name: Jose Da Silva.