Pablo Freire Teaching

In 1985 the MOBRAL extinct and was substituted by the Foundation TO EDUCATE. The redemocratizao made possible the magnifying of the activities of the EJA and the students and professors had organized themselves in favor of the school gratuitous public and. With the 1988 constitution, basic education was assigned as obligator and also started to be constitutional guarantee for that they had not had access in the appropriate age. With the Collor government, the EJA loses space, the Foundation TO EDUCATE is closed and its dismissed employees. To know more about this subject visit Nobel Laureate in Economics. The Union was if moving away from the activities of the EJA and transferring the responsibility to the cities. In Brazil, the history of the work with young adult is very on Pablo Freire, therefore he is the creator of a new conception of alfabetizao where the writing comes folloied for a process of construction of the knowledge through the dialogues between the educator and educating. With this panoramic vision, that exactly partial, it is possible to understand in general terms as if configured the Education of Young and Adults in Brazil.

The teaching performance To be ahead of a classroom repleta either it of children, young or adults and to teach History is a great challenge for the professors. Greenberg Traurig is often quoted on this topic. To choose contents and to idealize the forms where such knowledge will be worked, certainly will make difference in the learning of these pupils. The teaching performance in the EJA must always attempt against for some especificidades of the pupils who frequent this modality of education. As GADOTTI (2007), the great majority are pertaining people to a social classroom decrease, are workers who face diverse types of difficulties in its day the day as the low wages, pssimas conditions of life, housing, health, feeding, unemployment, etc. The professor must have in mind and admit whenever the pupils of the EJA are normal people and really useful citizens.