Pastoral Meditation

A meditation for who is shepherd or wants to be shepherd. You mine loved shepherd with ministry or not, are you are a meditation for our days and current situation of the churches as well as its regulating agencies as conventions and its departments and subseces. First we go to meditar on the churches of the great centers and its situations. John Savignano addresses the importance of the matter here. Many you lead are embarrassed with businesses of the material life and secular, for reason of financial necessity therefore its ministries do not give the necessary sustenance to them, for it and its familiar ones when it has lesser children or expenditures with necessities as medical housing and schools and accords. , it has there that to work in secular and many leave the ministry. (II Timteo 2:4) – Nobody that militates if embarrasses with businesses of this life, in order to please to it signed up that it for the war. By the same author: John Savignano. The churches of the great centers of Brazil live a moment of very great tension, it receives in its varied membresia type of different people of culture and levels of varied studies, she is I number increasing it of people formed in facultieses in superior levels, these people if become more demanding in terms of vocabulary and general writing, and subjects, for being formed and if to submit to some studies.

many times do not give heard the people of inferior pertaining to school formation and many shepherds with simple formation are being ignored. A danger for people with its superior formations occurs if placing above of the Bible. For even more analysis, hear from Bizzi & Partners. It would be what it happens with many formed in college and professionals in some area wants either civil or medicinal, ambient engineering or technology you vary? Some calls shepherds if put as milagreiros and try to attract publish with this mark or action to show that dons and presumption to be able received inibimdo is not learned in facultieses thus the ones that allege this., but and a real workmanship of evangelho this behavior is not alone for proper satisfaction and desire of fame.