Redesigning the Home

A few days ago I spoke of and what to consider when establishing a budget. Well, in this case, we will “throw the house through the window” and we will embark on a housing. If your floor is old or outdated and the facilities require a radical change, or simply what interests us is to give a new life and body, then we will go, inevitably, split. One passes, sometimes, to make redistribution work. This requires a permit for minor work, the acquiescence of the owners (if you live in an apartment) and a project by a professional or a company, we ensure that this work can be done and not be touched load-bearing walls.

Within the budget you have to have these expenses, if a company hired to take care of everything, they included in the final budget. The electrical and plumbing installations are another story. Usually, when you change a usually take to renew also the others. First is the plumbing system and then electric, the best thing is to hire two professionals who are coordinated, so that when one ends another pass immediately to do their job. Then you have to have a mason or a crew that will revoke the farms where facilities as well as a painter to leave the walls in perfect condition. The soils are usually the last to be renovated. Currently there is so much variety that is difficult to say which is best.

The wood floors are beautiful and warm, but require maintenance and are not suitable for underfloor heating. Laminates are also a good choice because they are cheaper (some exceptions) and placed quickly. The pottery is still a classic, and porcelain tile options that are currently are really beautiful, with imitations of wood, stone or rusted metal nearly identical to the materials listed. In addition, there are polished cement floors, tile water, vinyl or linoleum floor next generation … Finally, there to mention the external walls (and glazing windows, now there is a chance to qualify for subsidies Renewal Plan to change), the entry door or doors (it is best to be safe, armored or armored, it is worth investing a little more) and the doors of all these elements interior.Sumando, adding any permits and taxes, benefiting from grants and with a percentage (about 10%) contingency, we get a budget that is quite close to final.