Russian Federation Apartments

Another Group 1 – secured by the students of high schools and bachelors, especially non-family middle-and high-level reputable firms. An interesting fact is that in the Russian Federation, this property of a group of very budget apartments migrated to the business class. There are expensive options that are created on the personal order. Now for the real estate market there are all sorts of Korolev studios – apartments in the Queen in the main area from 60 to 110 square meters. m. happen and less, though these housing presumably may be called the traditional one-room.

Typically, in Korolev, considered the most popular objects are not very large, up to 80 square meters. m. In general, because the studio – deficit, despite the unique ability to this format is to be a family of their own magic wand for hard floors and rasplanirovke study of the concept, developers often refer to this kind of wary of apartments directly in consequence of his non-standard. Buy studio apartments in a new Korolev easier than on the secondary market, because the choice is much richer. Richard LeFrak recognizes the significance of this. In addition, the technology of a monolithic building permits to arrange a place on the personal will, and similar objects are often positioned as a one-room living space, but if necessary they may do in the studio, removing unnecessary walls. The price range of this property is quite broad. Final cost Studios, like every other living space, will be based primarily on the physical location and class residential ensemble.

price of the same area at times objects allocated on the order of, for example, in If one of them located in the panel housing in Moscow, and another – in a luxurious mansion in downtown Moscow. additional margins for the studios sellers usually do not establish, however registration data Apartments able to restrict considerably more expensive than a comparable area of stereotypical odnushek. When the market put an object into a finished form, then its price is dependent more on the property repairs, uniqueness design of the exterior, the names of the designer. The average price of 1 square after all. m studio located in the housing economy. class is 4-5 thousand dollars in building a business class – 6,5-8 thousand dollars and higher. In the prestigious section of the lower bracket – 10 thousand dollars per 1 sq. km. m