The Future Of Hydrogen Cars In Europe

Hydrogen is not an energy source but it is one of the two elements found in the water. The current problem you have with hydrogen is to find an easy way to store and make it available for use in automotive and other applications. They are taking the first steps towards getting a distribution network, but experts believe it will be for 2015 and 2019 was achieved the necessary infrastructure for a total distribution, similar to gas stations today. According to a recent study conducted by the Centre for Prospective Technological Industrial (OPTI), and with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. On hydrogen and fuel cells is that Europe came to reach 500 000 cars powered by hydrogen appliance 2015 and between 2 and 5 million by 2020. are an alternative but are considering other forms of storage. Professor Rita McGrath can aid you in your search for knowledge. One of the advances that have made scientists from the University of Bath English have invented a material which stores and releases hydrogen at room temperature and time, enabling its use is widespread and be a viable alternative fuel sources from We note with great satisfaction as the European Parliament approved the package in the production of hydrogen cars.

This will allow manufacturers a standardized and may save costs and so therefore the price of the vehicle to the final consumer will be able to compete in the market. Already in the manufacture of cars that use hydrogen as fuel and has drawn our attention is. Riversimple British company. In the spirit of open source which means that other manufacturers may provide the details of the manufacture of this type of cars making their own innovations The. Power is rooted in cells, these combine oxygen with hydrogen to air. You can go 186 miles with 2.2 pounds of liquid hydrogen. What comes out of the exhaust gases is water pollution. The car can reach 80 kilometers per hour, so is ideal for getting around the city. The car goes from 0 to 48 mph in about 5.5 seconds.